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The Current Industry of Parcel Shipping and Box Shipping

A combination of globalization and constantly changing patterns of consumer purchasing has paved the way for the emergence of modern parcel shipping. It is evident that currently, the landscape of this growing industry continues to reshape. It is advantageous that globally, parcel shipping is still reliable as ever. Many individuals and companies find the services as reliable and practical.

Internationally, the parcel shipping market has been dominated mostly by postal services. In Canada, Purolator is the most popular parcel firm. In Europe, the dominant companies still include Germany's DHL, France's La Poste, the Netherlands' TNT, and the UK's Royal Mail. In the United States, there is a duopoly between UPS and FedEx, while globally, as a whole, DHL, TNT, UPS, and FedEx account for a combined 70% market share.

There are many reasons why international parcel shipping has turned concentrated to just a few companies. Through the years, there have been numerous significant mergers and acquisitions that transpired to involve the parcel firms. The many economic developments and crises have gradually contributed to the narrowing of the number of parcel shipping players. In this industry, the fittest ones have truly and apparently survived, eating up the minor and much smaller players in the process. The intensifying competition among parcel companies continues to reshape the market.

It is to the advantage of consumers that price wars and service evolutions continuously push through. Despite the small number of parcel players, consumers still have many options when it comes to sending parcels anywhere in the world. In fact, many analysts point out that the narrowed circle is more beneficial since decision making when it comes to choosing the parcel firm is made more pronounced.

The battle continues among all parcel shipping companies. They continue to innovate and provide better terms, costs, and services to global customers. The main aim of all companies is generally to deliver the parcels as fast as they possibly could. No geographic boundary stands to inhibit such firms to deliver to their commitments for speedy services.

Overall, the parcel shipping industry has turned more rational than ever. The race for supremacy is not the only concern of the companies. The parcel firms are also doing their best to remain profitable so that they could remain operational and they could keep generous war chests to survive the continuous competition. In the end, consumers continue to enjoy the benefits of having the best parcel services around.